Some VMs that I use more or less regularly
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Contains VMs that I use on a more or less regular basis.

They’re all running through KVM and QEMU.


A Windows 10 LTSB VM for playing Windows-only games.

Receives it’s own GPU through PCI passthrough.


A macOS Mojave VM for developing OSX stuff.

Renders on QXL because 3D accel. is not required.

Technical Stuff

A lengthy writeup is available at

Here’s a tech-TLDR:

  • 16GB of hugepages locked for VM RAM
  • One CCX (4c/8t) locked for VM CPUs (4-7,12-15)
  • NVIDIA GPU with nouveau for Linux
  • AMD GPU blocked with vfio-pci for VMs

Kernel params:

amd_iommu=on iommu=pt isolcpus=4-7,12-15 nohz_full=4-7,12-15 rcu_nocbs=4-7,12-15 default_hugepagesz=1G hugepagesz=1G hugepages=16

Modprobe params:

options kvm_amd nested=1 avic=1
options vfio-pci ids=1002:687f,1002:aaf8

My Vega 64 suffers from the “reset bug”, but apparently (?) doing a rescan of PCI devices and only passing the video function lets the GPU work without perceivable issues for at least 7-10 full VM shutdowns.